Novelas - Constellations

from by No! to Rape Culture



Our voices will carry still

Long shadows form
As the sun sets
On integrity and hopefulness
The restless lull
Of voices muse
Under pressure of social cues
And we partake
In shaking ease
I follow as you lead

Stumbling in darkness
As our bodies collide
Voices caught in hollow throats
I am trapped within your eyes
We were star-crossed constellations
That’s what you led me to believe
Wake me from the haze and sweat
I am fighting just to breathe
Wide mouths gape open
To taste what’s undeserved
You’re becoming obsessed
With the obtaining of flesh
No remorse
Nothing earned
I put trust in good intentions
I put trust in what was said
I put trust in a boy who created a toy
Out of the drugged girl
On the bed

But with these hands
I will fight
To the death
For the sake of the girl
Who can’t catch her breath

Catch her breath

Long shadows form
As the sun sets
On integrity and hopefulness
Long shadows form
As the sun sets
But our voices will carry still


from No! A Benefit Compilation, released July 1, 2017



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No! to rape culture / sexism / sexual assault within the Portland, Oregon DIY music communities.

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